Complex Drug Delivery System

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This novel drug delivery system contains a small protein and other components that span an order of magnitude in molecular weight.   All the compounds of interest were easily resolved in a single analysiswith a fast linear gradient on a HAISIL 300 C18 5mm column.

HAISIL 300 C18 5m 50x4.6mm
Mobile Phase A: CH3CN:H2O:TFA200:800:1
Mobile Phase B: CH3CN:H2O:TFA 500:500:1
Gradient: 0-100%B, 7 minutes
Wavelength: 214 nm
Flow Rate: 2mL/min
Compound Average Molecular Weight: 300D
Small Protein  Molecular Weight: Approximately 3000D

Courtesy of Elizabeth Harris, Emisphere Technologies, Inc., Hawthorne, NY.

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