Peptides from Cancer Tumor


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Fractionation of a purified tumor cell extract
Peptides ranging from 100fmol to 1pmol are collected in 40sec intervals during a 70min gradient from 0 - 60% MeCN with HFBA modifier.

HAISIL 300 C18 5m 40x2.1mm



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Reanalysis of a fraction from the chromatogram in  Figure 1.
70min gradient from 0 - 60% MeCN with TFA modifier. Tic marks indicate 40sec fraction collection.

HAISIL 300 C18 5m 40x2.1mm  P/N: HK-0421-W185

Higgins Analytical is grateful to Mark Ross and Argonex, Inc., Charlottesville, VA for permission to us to share this interesting work.

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